The Soft Leaf Yucca – another of my personal favorites!

Soft Leaf Yucca


The Soft Leaf Yucca or Yucca Recurvifolia is an attractive drought tolarant succulant.  Many soft leaf yuccas are a single trunk shrub but I’ve seen a few that have formed miltiple trunks. They bloom from summer to late fall, usually June through October.  Once in bloom the they will sprout a 1/2″ to 1″ stem covered with white bell shaped flowers hanging downward. In warmer climates the soft leaf yucca is evergreen and will continue to flower year after year.  Deer will eat the flowers but not the foliage and they are not know to attract butterflies of hummingbirds.  The combination of their drought tolerance, evergreen foliage and vibrant color make the Soft Leaf Yucca a must have in low maintenance Central Texas landscapes.

Maintenance/Care:  Very little maintenance, occasional removal of dead stocks in the winter removal of dead foilage if planted in shady areas.

Height/Width:  Medium size shrub, grows up to 4′-6′ Tall and 3′-4′ wide.

Water:  Very drought tolerant shrub. Can die from over watering, plant just a little bit higher then the surrounding elevation to help avoid this.  Plant in well drained soil.

Light:  Full sun for maximum blooms. Will bloom in part shade as well but tends to have more dead foilage when planted in areas with more shade.

Matt Anders – Round Rock Landscaping