What is Aeration:
Home owners often ask me why they should aerate.  Aeration is a process in which small holes are punched into the top soil about 3 to 4 inches deep.  The idea is that over time the top soil becomes hard and compressed not allowing water or oxygen to absorb through to the grass roots thus needing aeration.  In times of drought, the soil becomes so compacted that when it does rain all the water washes off and will not soak down to the root system.  Heavy foot traffic or abuse from large dogs will also cause the topsoil to compress.   The solution: Aeration.

Yard and Grass Aeration

When to Aerate:
The best time to aerate is in the spring or fall. If your soil has a high content of clay(many areas of central Texas do) it is best to aerate twice a year. I always suggest to my customers to aerate at least once a year to help with water conservation during the intense summer months.

How to Aerate:
Aeration by hand is not very efficient so I would suggest renting an aerator from your local tool rental company.  Most home depots will also rent them out for a 4 hour min. at about $63 after tax. If you live in the Austin area it is even more cost effective to just give me a call at 512-565-9630. One of my workers or even myself can come by and aerate your lawn for usually around $50 depending on the size of the lot.

Gas powered lawn aerator

Matt Anders – Round Rock Landscaping

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